Yhonnie Scarce

  September 11, 2012 - December 30, 2012



What They Wanted was an exhibition of glass works by Yhonnie Scarce. Scarce works with blown glass and other media, drawing on her personal family history to investigate the idea of the “containment” of Aboriginal people as a legacy of colonization. Many of her works take the shape of Australian fruits and vegetables such as bush bananas, bush plums and long yams to metaphorically represent Aboriginal bodies, people, culture and traditions.


Yhonnie Scarce visited Kluge-Ruhe as a resident artist in October 2012. She delivered several community lectures and worked with UVA sculpture students and Professor William Bennett on learning to blow glass in partnership with artist Chip Hall at McGuffey Art Center.

“It angers me that there is very little recognition of the massacres in Australia and if there is a memorial created in an area that a massacre occurred it is really small… I want people to have a place to mourn the ancestors that we have lost during these events and I want people who are unaware of these massacres to be aware that this is part of our history… I use my artwork as a means of therapy and to channel something negative into something positive.” – YHONNIE SCARCE


Yhonnie Scarce is a Kokatha and Nukunu artist who lives and works in Melbourne. She holds a Bachelor of Visual Arts from the South Australian School of Art, University of South Australia and a Masters of Fine Art from Monash University. She has received several prestigious awards and her work is in major private and public collections in Australia and abroad. She is represented by Dianne Tanzer Gallery.



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