Photo by Mark Perrott (panelist).
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Photo by Mark Perrott (panelist).
Photo by Mark Perrott (panelist).

The Art in Life: Tattoos

This program is happening once. Look for your time zone to see what time it’s happening for you:

USA EST: Thursday, June 25, 7 pm

USA CDT: Thursday, June 25, 6 pm

USA PDT: Thursday, June 25, 4 pm

New Zealand ST: Friday, June 26, 11 am

Australian EST: Friday, June 26, 9 am


“There is no distinction for us between art and life,” said Yolngu Aboriginal Australian artist Wandjuk Marika. This proclamation draws attention to the arbitrary distinctions we often make in western cultures between “fine art” and “craft,” “design” and other often-unhelpful labels. As museums, we actively work to break down such distinctions. As museum professionals, we are aesthetically minded people who see art all around us. And, as a global community, many of us are finding ourselves unable to visit the “fine art” institutions we love most. Because of all of these factors and more, the Fralin Museum of Art at UVA and the Kluge-Ruhe Aboriginal Art Collection of UVA have partnered to present THE ART IN LIFE, a series of programs that explore the artistic creativity, innovation, challenges and aesthetic decisions of practices that usually aren’t considered fine art.

In our inaugural program, we’re doing a deep dive into tattooing. It’s already clear to us that the art of tattooing could be a series in and of itself, but we’re bringing you four speakers who will address the art of tattooing from different perspectives:

  • Sean Mallon (Mulivai, Safata), Sāmoan tattoo historian and Senior Curator of Pacific Cultures at the Museum of New Zealand Te Papa Tongarewa
  • Mark Perrott, photographer and documentarian of tattooing
  • Sharky, tattoo artist and historian
  • Jahnavi Wraight, tattoo wearer and collector