Hunt 1: 1-4 yr olds: register here

Hunt 2: 5-8 yr olds: register here

Join Kluge-Ruhe for its first ever EGG HUNT! Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples have been hunting for all varieties of eggs for hundreds of years: emu, turtle, pigeon, crocodile, magpie goose, and more! We also have handmade baskets on view, which might sometimes be used for gathering food like eggs. This is NOT an easter egg hunt, but it will be a fun, outdoor, exploring adventure!

There will be two hunts that happen simultaneously for separate age groups, so bring along the whole family and take a look around at the special baskets in the galleries while you’re here. There will be candy in each egg, and bigger prizes will be given for children who find the special golden eggs! Bring your own basket; parking is available in the field adjacent to the museum, facing Martha Jefferson Drive.