REAL TALK: All Things LGBTQ+ with Blake Hesson

In this REAL TALK program, Blake Hesson will provide an informative introduction to LGBTQ+ issues and will lead a discussion about related topics. Hesson is a 4th year UVA student; they are president of the Queer Student Union and are an intern in Kluge-Ruhe’s education department for the 2019-20 academic year. After you register using the link on the left, we will send you the reading for the discussion as a pdf about a week before the event, or come 20-30 minutes early to read it (copies will be available at the front desk).

What is REAL TALK?

REAL TALK is a monthly program on the first Thursday of each month that fosters dialogue around an important and relevant topic in our ever-changing, globalized world. We work with UVA faculty, students and visiting artists to lead a discussion about a prominent socio-cultural concern, idea or movement that relates to Indigenous studies broadly. The discussion is in direct response to a brief, accessible reading on the topic, which participants can read in advance or just before the start of the discussion.