REAL TALK: Land Rights and Global Ecotourism with Jim Igoe and Saitoti Parmelo

For this REAL TALK program, UVA anthropology professor Jim Igoe and his Tanzanian Masaai collaborator Saitoti Parmelo will discuss the interconnection between Indigenous land rights and global ecotourism. We will send you the reading as a pdf when you register, or come 20-30 minutes early to read it (copies will be available at the front desk).

What is REAL TALK?

REAL TALK is a monthly program on the first Thursday of each month that fosters dialogue around an important and relevant topic in our ever-changing, globalized world. We work with UVA faculty and visiting artists to lead a discussion about a prominent socio-cultural concern, idea or movement that relates to Indigenous studies broadly. The discussion is in direct response to a brief, accessible reading on the topic, which participants can read in advance or just before the start of the discussion.