Virtual Tour of “The Inside World: Contemporary Aboriginal Australian Memorial Poles”

The Inside World: Contemporary Aboriginal Australian Memorial Poles from the Debra and Dennis Scholl Collection and the Kluge-Ruhe Collection was exhibited at our sister museum, The Fralin Museum of Art, from January 2020 – March 2020, when it closed early due to COVID-19. It was curated by our curator Henry F. Skerritt, and has traveled around the United States. It presents 94 works by contemporary Aboriginal artists from Arnhem Land. Traditionally, these poles—named lorrkkon in the west and larrakitj in the east —marked the final point in Aboriginal mortuary rites. They signified the moment when the spirit of the deceased had finally returned home—when they had left all vestiges of the mundane “outside” world, and become one with the “inside” world of the ancestral realm. Today, these poles are made as works of art.

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