If you need special access, we recommend you get in touch with us. 
You can call the museum at 434-243-8504, email us at kluge-ruhe@virignia.edu, or let us know what access you need when you make your reservation.
If applicable, can you call ahead to schedule a separate tour/experience for people with disabilities?
Yes, depending on the disability.
Do people with disabilities/seniors receive a discount on any services?
Admission is free for everyone.
Does the facility offer any wheelchairs for patrons’ use?
Yes, please call the museum at 434-243-8504 when you arrive and we will bring it to you. Please note that we only have one wheelchair is available, there is no fee and no
reservations are needed for it.
Is your website accessible?
Are there accessible parking spots within 100ft of the venue’s entrance?
Yes, park in the brick parking space next to the ADA ramp. This space is van accessible. The rest of our spots are also ADA accessible, and there are 12 spaces.
Is there valet parking?
What kinds of accessible, fixed-route public transportation are available?
Charlottesville Area Transit Bus
Are there sidewalks/paths leading to your business location?
Are the sidewalks/paths leading to the venue even?
Some, the paths/sidewalks are laid brick. most areas are smooth and even but a few areas are a little more rough.
Are the sidewalks/paths leading to the venue steep?
If there are sidewalks/paths within the venue, how much of them are steep?
Do the sidewalks leading to the venue have curb cuts at all major points of crossing or entrance?
Some do.
Do major intersections around the venue have crosswalk signals with auditory cues?
There are no intersections nearby.
Is there ramp access to the venue?
Yes, there is ramp access. The entrance threshold for the ADA entrance has a small lip.
Are there stairs leading to the main entrance?
Yes. The stairs are not steep and there are 5 stairs.
Does the venue have multiple floors/levels?
No. There are two levels to the building, but the upstairs is not open to the public.
Is there a revolving door?
Do all doors have push plates/other automatic door openers?
All interior doors have push plates and magnets to hold the doors open, and they all require less than five pounds of pushing force to open. The ADA door does not have a push plate or an automatic door opener. This door requires more than five pounds of pulling force to open.
Are all doors at least 36 inches in width?
Some, exterior doors are 36 inches or more in width. the interior doors separating galleries are double-doors that, when both are open, are wider than 36 inches. these doors can remain open if needed during your visit; there are magnetic doorstops.
Is the location well-lit in at least 50% of the main area?
Is the environment particularly stimulating in any of the following areas?
The environment is particularly stimulating in the following areas: touch and sight. Usually there is a touch station available, but it is currently closed due to COVID19. Degree of sight stimulation varies based on the exhibitions currently on display.
Do you offer “sensory friendly” events where lighting, volume, etc. are adjusted and patrons may get up to walk, jump, sing, etc.?
Does your venue have an area for sensory de-escalation?
Are there Braille options in the following areas?
There are no braille options.
Do any audio/visual materials include closed captioning?
Some do.
Does your business allow or use products that create smoke?
Does the venue have public restrooms?
Does the restroom have a door to enter? If the restroom has a door to enter, is there a push plate/other
automatic door opener?
Yes, we have two restrooms that are ADA acceessible. Both restrooms are single-stall and gender neutral. Both have doors and neither door has a push plate or an automatic door opener. Both doors open with less than five pounds of pulling force. Both restrooms have grab bars, and both restrooms have roll-under sinks with insulated plumbing. The hand-drying and soap facilities are low enough for someone using a wheelchair to reach. Neither restroom has a shelf inside, but one restroom does have a windowsill that could serve as a shelf. Neither restroom as an emergency pull cord. In both restrooms, the toilets are 17 inches or higher from the ground. There are no footstools available for customers to use to get onto the toilet seat or to reach the soap, faucet or paper-towel dispensers.
If requested, is there a place where patrons can store refrigerated medications?
Does the venue have electrical outlets available to the public? (for blending food, plugging in medical devices, etc.)
We can accommodate this upon request.
Is there at least one employee fluent in American Sign Language available at all times?
Is your business able to accommodate patrons who may need a place to sit, such as in lines, waiting for services, etc.?
Yes. Please request a chair (with or without a back) from the front desk attendant by calling or emailing in advance.