Ricky Maynard

  April 8, 2011 - August 14, 2011



The exhibition Portrait of a Distant Land comprised two bodies of photographs by Ricky Maynard: a collection of five portraits of elders of the Wik-Klakan people (2000), and excerpts from his Portrait of a Distant Land project (2005). The exhibition sought to create a visual historic diary as an expression of Tasmanian oral history. By creating collective and autobiographical narratives and exploring the intersection of history, memory and cultural representation, this exhibition explored the truths hidden from view that reside in the archive and the hearts of Tasmanian elders.


Ricky Maynard visited Kluge-Ruhe a resident artist in April 2011. He guest-lectured to UVA classes in various departments, presented his works in two community talks, connected with and was interviewed by UVA historian John Mason and delivered the Kluge lecture.

“Really, the most important, essential thing that we ask as the Indigenous people of Australia is, wholly and solely, right from the very beginning, is the acknowledgement, recognition and respect as the Indigenous peoples of that land…it’s the reason why I have to do the work that I do.” – RICKY MAYNARD


Ricky Maynard visit to UVa, April, 2011. Photo by Tom Cogill.

Born in Launceston, Tasmania in 1953, Maynard is a self-taught documentary photographer of the Cape Portland and Ben Lomond people. His images of Indigenous Tasmanians have helped to establish their identity as living people with a unique culture and history. He has exhibited in major museums and galleries in Australia including the Museum of Contemporary Art and the National Gallery of Australia. He was the recipient of the Australian Human Rights Award in 1997 and was selected as one of 30 artists represented in the National Indigenous Artists Triennial – Culture Warriors in 2007.



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