What is this?

Hello! You’ve reached the landing page for Kiki’s Kangaroo Kit, a series of five activities all about kangaroos!

Who is Kiki?

Kiki is our Kluge-Ruhe mascot. She’s a big red kangaroo, and she was brought over to Virginia from Australia in 1999 when the museum opened! Even though she’s far from her home, she likes to munch on the boxwood bushes in the backyard of the museum, and she especially likes the springtime when the flowers bloom, because those are her favorite treat. Her fur is pretty soft and fluffy, she has a pouch and a joey named Joey. They love hopping around and sometimes they even play hopscotch! She is pretty shy, so she only comes out to play with people every now and then.

Who is this kit for?

We’ve designed this kit to be done at home, but it could easily be adapted for a classroom too. It is designed for 6 and 7 year olds (1st and 2nd graders) but it can easily be scaled up or down for children a few years younger or older.

How does it work?

The activities are designed to be explored in sequential order, but they work well on their own too, so feel free to mix and match!


Activity 1: Kiki the Kangaroo Looks at Art

Activity 2: Kiki Goes on a Scavenger Hunt

Activity 3: Kiki Gets Some Exercise

Activity 4: Kiki Plays Pretend

Activity 5: Kiki Tells a Story

Two kangaroos were talking to each other, and one said, "I hope it doesn't rain today. I hate it when the children play inside."
— Henny Youngman