Volunteering at Kluge-Ruhe

Julie Gough with Kluge-Ruhe Docent Nancy Venable.

Mical Tawney leading a tour.

Volunteers play an essential role in engaging our audiences and supporting staff by working behind-the-scenes. Volunteering your time enables you to share your passion and enthusiasm for art, while knowing that you are helping to enrich our community. No previous knowledge of Aboriginal art is necessary.

COVID-19 has transformed how we are able to engage with volunteers safely. Right now we are not taking applications for new volunteers as we thoughtfully consider how to develop new volunteer roles that allow for appropriate social distancing. One of the best ways you can help Kluge-Ruhe is to be an ambassador for us. You can do this by:

If you are doing all of this, let us know! We would love to thank you for your support. If you have other specific skills that you think could help Kluge-Ruhe during this time, that you could work on from home, email us at kluge-ruhe@virginia.edu.