Our Mission, Vision and Values

The Kluge-Ruhe Aboriginal Art Collection is the only museum outside of Australia dedicated to the exhibition and study of Indigenous Australian art.

Our Vision

Global recognition and appreciation of Indigenous Australian art and culture

Our Mission

We expand knowledge and understanding of Indigenous Australian art and culture to cultivate greater appreciation of human diversity and creativity.

Our Values

We believe we can best fulfill our Vision and accomplish our Mission by living these values daily:

  • Respecting Indigenous people as the authorities on their art and culture and amplifying their voices
  • Building and sustaining collaborative relationships to deepen our impact and extend our reach
  • Creating an inclusive and welcoming environment that promotes cross-cultural dialogue
  • Inspiring discovery through research and experiential learning
  • Carefully stewarding our resources, including collections, facilities, staff and volunteers

To read our statement on the events of August 11 and 12, 2017 in Charlottesville, click here.

Our Governance

The Kluge-Ruhe Collection is a special unit of the University of Virginia and reports to the Vice-Provost of the Arts, Jody Kielbasa. The museum is formally governed by the Rector and Board of Visitors of the University of Virginia. The Kluge-Ruhe Advisory Council is a non-governing board with responsibilities related to overall policy, planning, guidance and oversight.

We consult with Indigenous Australian artists and communities about our exhibitions and programs as much as possible.

The Aboriginal flag, designed and copyrighted by Harold Thomas.

Djambawa Marawili teaching a UVA printmaking Class in October 2015. Photo by Tom Cogill.

UVA students in the Kluge-Ruhe galleries.

Participants engaging in a discussion about the power of art to address racial justice.

A participant in our "Joey Stories" program at the Virginia Film Festival Family Day proudly shows off his kangaroo flipbook.

Aboriginal dancer Taree Sansbury teaches Indigenous dance to children at Westhaven Community Center in Charlottesville. Photo by Tom Cogill.

Yinimala Gumana and Wukun Wanambi play clapping sticks at the Yale Club in New York City to introduce a traveling exhibition slated for 2020.