We believe that art has the power to change our community and our world.

For centuries Indigenous people have been silenced. We are dedicated to changing that. Our programs and exhibitions amplify Indigenous voices and knowledges. The conversations we initiate in the museum change people’s ideas about race, indigeneity, identity, privilege and history.

Join us in celebrating, preserving and sustaining Indigenous Australian art in the United States by becoming a member today.




Your generous support empowers us to provide the following:


  • A lunch to connect a visiting artist with a local artist
  • Archival materials for hanging artwork
  • Art materials for one school program

SUGAR GLIDER  $100 – $249

  • Studio supplies for a visiting artist
  • A custom mount to exhibit a 3D object
  • Payment to an Indigenous knowledge holder for a consultation

WOMBAT  $250 – $499

  • Payment to an Indigenous artist for a talk or webinar
  • Framing an artwork on paper
  • Paint for educational programs for one year

KOALA  $500 – $999

  • A reception for a visiting artist
  • Conservation of one bark painting
  • Labels and text panels for one exhibition

DINGO  $1,000 – $2,499

  • One commissioned essay for an exhibition catalog
  • Software to monitor the museum climate for one year
  • Three free community art workshops

BIG RED KANGAROO  $2,500 and more

  • Research and curation of one rotating exhibition
  • Shipment of artworks for one exhibition
  • One paid UVA internship
“One feels the excitement of hearing an untold story.”
– JOHN HOPE FRANKLIN, recipient of the Kluge Prize